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We know choosing gifts can be such a pain

There is always the worry of buying the same


Our home has been filled with love and with care

And is now full of our treasures with no room to spare

Our honeymoon has already been booked

With our accommodation and activities not overlooked

So should you wish to give a gift to help us on our way

A gift of money would really make our day

We've chosen two charities very close to our hearts

Both helping dogs say goodbye to their difficult pasts

Our first promise to you as husband and wife

Is to donate half of your gift to give the dogs back their life

A wishing well will be located as you walk in

And if you want to take part then please place a card within

Do not feel obliged to write down your name

All donations will be welcomed just the same

Please don't be offended by this request

The most important thing is having you there as our guest!

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